Sangraal Sangreal (ˈsæŋɡrɪəl)

/ (sæŋˈɡreɪl) /

  1. another name for the Holy Grail

Origin of Sangrail

C15: from Old French Saint Graal. See saint, Holy Grail

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How to use Sangrail in a sentence

  • That is the key-note of Parsifal, the Knight of the Sangrail.

    Parsifal | H. R. Haweis
  • The brave knight, Gurnemanz, dragged his master fainting from the garden, his companions of the Sangrail covering their retreat.

    Parsifal | H. R. Haweis
  • Clovis Sangrail, who knew most of his associates by sight, said it was undoubtedly a case of protective mimicry.