sanitary inspector

  1. (in Britain) a former name for Environmental Health Officer

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How to use sanitary inspector in a sentence

  • When she has a woman sanitary inspector to appeal to, matters will take on a different aspect.

  • The sanitary inspector is entitled to demand admission at any hour in order to ascertain whether there is overcrowding.

  • What, I wonder, in olden times would the master of his house have said to a sanitary inspector who demanded admission thereto?

    A Leisurely Tour in England | James John Hissey
  • Then the sanitary inspector who has to wink at the law so often, came in and threatened my friend with legal proceedings.

  • Was it you, ma'am, was telling me that the new sub-sanitary inspector would be arriving to-day?

    Contemporary One-Act Plays | Sir James M. Barrie