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[ san-tuh; Spanish sahn-tah ]


  1. a river in W central Peru, flowing NW into the Pacific Ocean. About 200 miles (322 km) long.


/ ˈsæntə /


  1. informal.
    short for Santa Claus

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Example Sentences

My three-year-old son, Sam, would be meeting Santa for the first time.

My son recently told me they do not plan to have a Christmas tree or have Santa as part of their holiday at their home.

Instead, my Santa in 2020 came from the hand of love, which does not need desperate pleas, but tenderness and devotion.

Perhaps if you believe in Santa again, someone will bring you a house next year too.

I love this visit to a Christmas-y apartment in 1950s New York, this check-in at Santa’s office, and this peaceful mountain cabin in the middle of a blizzard.

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What, I suspect, we really want from Santa is peace (and quiet) at home for the holidays.

An office manager, he says, was wearing an apron with Santa on it.

So, feeling “a little loopy” from beers, he sat down and wrote a letter to Santa Claus.

The incident sparked his belief in Santa, but he would have to wait nearly two decades before dressing up as Jolly St. Nick.

Bohac vowed to that when he came back next year there would be no confusion about any Christmas tree or Santa aprons.

General Santa Anna is within a mile of us with fifteen hundred men.

He inclosed it under a cover to the Marquis Santa Cruz, who had a villa in the neighbourhood.

In the midst of these meditations, the dungeon door opened, and Santa Cruz himself appeared on the threshold.

Santa Cruz embraced him, with more agitation than his stately mien might have announced.

This filtration did not happen in Santa Rosa, on account of the quantity of hard copper ore on which the engine is situated.





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