[san-tee-ah-goh; Spanish sahn-tyah-gaw]
  1. a city in and the capital of Chile, in the central part.
  2. Also called Santia·go de Com·pos·te·la [duh-kom-puh-stel-uh; Spanish th e kawm-paws-te-lah] /dəˌkɒm pəˈstɛl ə; Spanish ðɛ ˌkɔm pɔsˈtɛ lɑ/. a city in NW Spain: pilgrimage center; cathedral.
  3. a city in SW Panama. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Santiago de Compostela

  1. a city in NW Spain: place of pilgrimage since the 9th century and the most visited (after Jerusalem and Rome) in the Middle Ages; cathedral built over the tomb of the apostle St James. Pop: 92 339 (2003 est)Latin name: Campus Stellae (ˈkæmpəs ˈstɛliː)


  1. the capital of Chile, at the foot of the Andes: commercial and industrial centre; two universities. Pop: 5 623 000 (2005 est)Official name: Santiago de Chile (de ˈtʃile)
  2. a city in the N Dominican Republic. Pop: 479 000 (2005 est)Official name: Santiago de los Caballeros (de los kaβaˈʎeros)
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[(san-tee-ah-goh, sahn-tee-ah-goh)]

Capital of Chile and the largest city in the country, located in central Chile; commercial and political center of Chile and one of the largest cities in South America.

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