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adjective Botany.
  1. having runners.
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Also sar·men·tous [sahr-men-tuh s] /sɑrˈmɛn təs/, sar·men·ta·ceous [sahr-muh n-tey-shuh s] /ˌsɑr mənˈteɪ ʃəs/.

Origin of sarmentose

1750–60; < Latin sarmentōsus, equivalent to sarment(um) twig + -ōsus -ose1
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Historical Examples of sarmentose

  • Sarmentaceous, Sarmentose, bearing long and flexible twigs (Sarments), either spreading or procumbent.

    The Elements of Botany

    Asa Gray

British Dictionary definitions for sarmentose


sarmentous (sɑːˈmɛntəs) or sarmentaceous (ˌsɑːmənˈteɪʃəs)

  1. (of plants such as the strawberry) having stems in the form of runners
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Word Origin for sarmentose

C18: from Latin sarmentōsus full of twigs, from sarmentum brushwood, from sarpere to prune
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