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  1. Do·min·go Faus·ti·no [daw-meeng-gaw fous-tee-naw] /dɔˈmiŋ gɔ faʊsˈti nɔ/, 1811–88, Argentine writer, educator, and political leader: president 1868–74.
  2. General Sarmiento.
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General Sarmiento

[jen-er-uh l sahr-myen-toh-, -mee-en-; Spanish he-ne-rahl sahr-myen-taw]
  1. a city in E Argentina, a suburb of Buenos Aires.
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Also called Sarmiento.
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Historical Examples of sarmiento

  • At that place Sarmiento had founded the colony of Philippeville in 1581.

    Celebrated Travels and Travellers

    Jules Verne

  • The influence of Mitre had waned, and in 1868 Sarmiento was quietly elected in his place.


    W. A. Hirst

  • The era of modern Argentina is inaugurated by the Presidency of Sarmiento in 1868.


    W. A. Hirst

  • Sarmiento, the "schoolmaster president," succeeded Mitre in 1868.

  • He faced Sarmiento, and the latter stopped when he saw Grahame's frown.

    The Coast of Adventure

    Harold Bindloss