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[sas-truh-guh, sah-struh-, sa-stroo-, sah-]
noun, plural sas·tru·gi [sas-truh-gee, sah-struh-, sa-stroo-, sah-] /ˈsæs trə gi, ˈsɑ strə-, sæˈstru-, sɑ-/.
  1. Usually sastrugi. ridges of snow formed on a snowfield by the action of the wind.
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Also zastruga.

Origin of sastruga

1830–40; < German < dialectal Russian zastrúga, noun derivative of zastrugátʾ, zastrogátʾ to plane, shave down (wood), equivalent to za- perfective v. prefix + strugátʾ, strogátʾ to plane, smooth (wood)
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Historical Examples

  • Each of us took it in turn to run ahead, jumping from one sastruga to another.

    The Home of the Blizzard

    Douglas Mawson

  • One walks into a deep trench or a sastruga two feet high without noticing it.

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  1. one of a series of ridges on snow-covered plains, caused by the action of wind laden with ice particles
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Word Origin

from Russian zastruga groove, from za by + struga deep place
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