[ sat-n ]
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  1. a fabric in a warp-effect or filling-effect satin weave, as acetate, rayon, nylon, or silk, often having a glossy face and a soft, slippery texture.

  1. a dress or other garment of satin: She wore her green satin.

  1. of or like satin; smooth; glossy.

  2. made of or covered or decorated with satin: a satin pillow.

Origin of satin

1325–75; Middle English satyn(e) <Middle French satin, probably <Arabic (aṭlas) zaytūnī (satin) of Zaitun a city in China where the cloth was made, probably Tsinkiang

Other words from satin

  • sat·in·like, adjective

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/ (ˈsætɪn) /

  1. a fabric of silk, rayon, etc, closely woven to show much of the warp, giving a smooth glossy appearance

  2. (modifier) of or like satin in texture: a satin finish

Origin of satin

C14: via Old French from Arabic zaitūnī of Zaytūn, Arabic rendering of Chinese Tseutung (now Tsinkiang), port in southern China from which the cloth was probably first exported

Derived forms of satin

  • satin-like, adjective
  • satiny, adjective

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