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[ sat-is-fak-tuh-ree, -fak-tree ]


  1. giving or affording satisfaction; fulfilling all demands or requirements:

    a satisfactory solution.

    Synonyms: passable, suitable, adequate, competent

  2. Theology. atoning or expiating.


/ ˌsætɪsˈfæktərɪ; -trɪ /


  1. adequate or suitable; acceptable

    a satisfactory answer

  2. giving satisfaction
  3. constituting or involving atonement, recompense, or expiation for sin

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Derived Forms

  • ˌsatisˈfactoriness, noun
  • ˌsatisˈfactorily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • satis·facto·ri·ly adverb
  • satis·facto·ri·ness noun
  • presat·is·facto·ry adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of satisfactory1

First recorded in 1520–30; from Medieval Latin satisfactōrius, from Latin satisfac(ere) “to do enough” ( satisfaction ( def ) ) + -tōrius -tory 1

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Example Sentences

There is also evidence of associations between synesthesia and elements of creativity, but one stumbling block is the lack of a satisfactory definition of creativity.

Of those 46, more than half reported “satisfactory recovery” after four months, and the entire cohort reported “satisfactory recovery” by the end of the year-long study period.

This is critical because, as it stands, there are no satisfactory methods to help patients recover from disorders of consciousness.

In New York City, the Mermaid Inn is offering $500 bonuses to servers hired at its four locations, paid out after three months of “satisfactory employment.”

From Eater

FSIN said that Navalny’s health was “satisfactory” and that he was being examined by a doctor every day.

From Time

It also has allowed much more extensive, although not entirely satisfactory, UN inspections.

There are several independent research programs but the origin of life does not have a satisfactory explanation at present.

Some insurers are limiting it to patients who have tried the older drugs, but failed to get satisfactory results.

Or might a solution be found that is mutually satisfactory to both sides—even if each side must forgo their maximum desires?

Many have experienced phenomena that, however creepy, admit a satisfactory explanation.

Numerous methods for staining capsules have been devised, but few are satisfactory.

The remaining figures, being taken from census returns and other reliable authorities, are more satisfactory.

The "torfuge" (Fig. 31) is said to be a very satisfactory substitute for the centrifuge, and is readily portable.

He had looked diligently into the transactions of the house for many years past, and the investigation was most satisfactory.

“This is satisfactory,” said Wardle, hardly knowing whether to smile or be offended.