[ sah-toh; Japanese sah-taw ]


  1. Ei·sa·ku [ey-, sah, -koo, ey, -sah-koo], 1901–75, Japanese political leader: prime minister 1964–72; Nobel Peace Prize 1974.

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Example Sentences

It wasn’t long before he’d partnered with Sato to launch Kaatsu in North America.

Last year’s race was moved to August and took place without fans in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway because of the coronavirus pandemic and Sato won under a caution flag, holding off Scott Dixon.

Sato, who has won six IndyCar races, battled Dario Franchitti in the last lap of the 2012 race, spinning out as he attempted to pass and hit the wall.

Sato said he’s delighted to see games from independent studios see global success, and that attention is slowly moving away from big-budget, AAA titles.

I have often heard people say, 'O Sato is a beautiful woman!'

There is only one thing I can do to show my gratitude to you, O Sato!

We tentatively follow Sato in regarding quelpaertensis as a synonym of leechii.

"Even in Hokkaido," Dr. Sato notes, "the average area per family is only 7½ acres."

Sato stood back from the door obediently, and they passed into the hall.





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