[ sawk ]

noun,plural Sauks, (especially collectively) Sauk.
  1. a member of a North American Indian people formerly of Wisconsin and Iowa, now living mostly in Oklahoma.

  2. the dialect of the Fox language spoken by the Sauk.

  • Also Sac [sak, sawk] /sæk, sɔk/ .

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How to use Sauk in a sentence

  • Ahlef said there simply were no other employment opportunities where he lived in the town of Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

    Walmart’s Black Thanksgiving Woes | Daniel Gross, Nico Hines | November 29, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Her legs were long, and her buttocks curved out sharply; those of Sauk women were flatter.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • Redbird thought, the Sauk were known far and wide as a people who never shirked the demands of honor.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • She saw they were Sauk women, some holding babies, some with small children standing beside them.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • Five blue-coated long knives rode before the Sauk and another five behind them.

    Shaman | Robert Shea
  • Her cries were drowned out by the shouts of the long knives, ordering the Sauk to get to their feet and start walking again.

    Shaman | Robert Shea