esp US sawed-off


(prenominal) (of a shotgun) having the barrel cut short, mainly to facilitate concealment of the weapon
informal (of a person) small in stature

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Examples from the Web for sawn-off

  • It was triangular, a piece of sawn-off wood, brown with age and ragged.

    Day and Night Stories|Algernon Blackwood
  • This is the last compartment, right in the nose; a sawn-off cone-shape.

    The Lost Kafoozalum|Pauline Ashwell
  • There were six in all, but rather more than that number of shadowy objects had appeared unexpectedly among the sawn-off stumps.

    A Damaged Reputation|Harold Bindloss
  • And he knocked with his stick a little piece of sawn-off board that lay beside the rushing water.

    Day and Night Stories|Algernon Blackwood