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[see-vuh-luh, sev-uh-]
  1. Ga·ius [gey-uh s] /ˈgeɪ əs/ (or Ca·ius) [key-uh s] /ˈkeɪ əs/ Mu·ci·us [myoo-shee-uh s, -shuh s] /ˈmyu ʃi əs, -ʃəs/, fl. 6th century b.c., Roman hero.
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Historical Examples of scaevola

  • In the passage which has been cited Scaevola says that it may be by contract or purchase, as well as by inheritance or will.

    The Common Law

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

  • Scaevola's honest well-intentioned effort to support the religion of the state was naturally a failure.

    The Religion of Numa

    Jesse Benedict Carter

  • Instead of replying, Scaevola held his right hand on the burning altar until it was consumed.

  • Out of gratitude, Scaevola told the king that three hundred other men as brave as himself had sworn to kill him.

  • Thus Levantines cultivated even the patrimonial field cleared by Scaevola and Labeo.