[ skal-ee-wag ]
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  1. a variant of scalawag.

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How to use scallywag in a sentence

  • It is better Desmond should become a priest than die a scallywag—and it will keep him out of the way of that Sylvia Custance.

    Grey Town | Gerald Baldwin
  • In regard to Kostolo, the Greek was a low scallywag, but not culpable.

    She Stands Accused | Victor MacClure
  • The fact remained that Paragot, the hairy disreputable scallywag, had relations with a high born and beautiful woman.

    The Belovd Vagabond | William J. Locke
  • He was no scapegrace or scallywag such as you might find nowadays crowing over his sins in Chelsea.

    The Art of Letters | Robert Lynd
  • For I thought it was right she should know that you werent just a scallywag private soldier like the rest of us.

    The Rough Road | William John Locke

British Dictionary definitions for scallywag


/ (ˈskælɪˌwæɡ) /

  1. informal a scamp; rascal

  2. (after the US Civil War) a White Southerner who supported the Republican Party and its policy of Black emancipation. Scallywags were viewed as traitors by their fellow Southerners

Origin of scallywag

C19: (originally undersized animal) of uncertain origin
  • Also called: scalawag, scallawag

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