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/ ˈskælpɪŋ /


  1. a process in which the top portion of a metal ingot is machined away before use, thus removing the layer containing defects and impurities

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Example Sentences

There has been very little mourning of this dual scalping, just a sense of inevitability.

Really, a whole cast of nefarious characters conspires, willingly or not, to allow scalping to flourish.

“The first way to reduce the volume of scalping is to keep the tickets out of the hands of scalpers,” he said.

Finding the true culprit for the epidemic of scalping in the digital age is a little like figuring out who killed Davey Moore.

And sometimes those promoters and artists are themselves the ones doing the turning around and scalping.

As we pressed on we discovered the savages were scalping their own dead to prevent their hair falling into our hands.

"Yes, scalping must be most interesting," murmured Chrysophrasia, with an air of conviction.

Some say the enemy are a-scalping at Torlock, some say Little Falls.

"Hatchet and scalping-knife are ever busy there," I said grimly.

Meach-o-shn-gaw, Little White Bear; a spirited and distinguished brave, with a scalping-knife grasped in his hand.





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