[ skan-duh-ney-vee-uh ]

  1. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and sometimes Finland, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands.

  2. Also called Scan·di·na·vi·an Pen·in·su·la [skan-duh-ney-vee-uhn puh-nin-suh-luh, puh-nins-yuh-luh] /ˌskæn dəˈneɪ vi ən pəˈnɪn sə lə, pəˈnɪns yə lə/ . the peninsula consisting of Norway and Sweden.

Other words from Scandinavia

  • an·ti-Scan·di·na·vi·a, adjective
  • pro-Scan·di·na·vi·a, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for Scandinavia


/ (ˌskændɪˈneɪvɪə) /

  1. Also called: the Scandinavian Peninsula the peninsula of N Europe occupied by Norway and Sweden

  2. the countries of N Europe, esp considered as a cultural unit and including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and often Finland, Iceland, and the Faeroes

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Cultural definitions for Scandinavia


The region in northern Europe containing Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and the peninsulas they occupy. Through cultural, historical, and political associations, Finland and Iceland are often considered part of Scandinavia.

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