scare up

Also, scrape together or up. Assemble or produce with considerable effort, as in We managed to scare up extra chairs for the unexpectedly large audience, or He managed to scrape together enough cash to buy two more tickets. The first term alludes to scare in the sense of “flush game out of cover” and dates from the mid-1800s; the variant, alluding to scratching or clawing for something, was first recorded in 1549. Also see scrape up an acquaintance.

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How to use scare up in a sentence

  • I'll put 'em under the elm you're so stuck on, and I guess we can scare up some books for you to read.

    In Apple-Blossom Time | Clara Louise Burnham
  • Next, Jacob selected the best endowed college he could scare up and presented it with a $200,000 laboratory.