[ skep-tik ]
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noun, adjective

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  • an·ti·scep·tic, noun

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How to use sceptic in a sentence

  • The sceptic, disillusioned, is stated to have failed to appreciate the joke!

    The Story of the Cambrian | C. P. Gasquoine
  • There is no sceptic who does not feel that many have doubted before.

    The Napoleon of Notting Hill | Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • And there really is no need to throw the whole universe at the head of the sceptic.

    Theism or Atheism | Chapman Cohen

British Dictionary definitions for sceptic (1 of 2)


archaic, US skeptic

/ (ˈskɛptɪk) /

  1. a person who habitually doubts the authenticity of accepted beliefs

  2. a person who mistrusts people, ideas, etc, in general

  1. a person who doubts the truth of religion, esp Christianity

  1. of or relating to sceptics; sceptical

Origin of sceptic

C16: from Latin scepticus, from Greek skeptikos one who reflects upon, from skeptesthai to consider

Derived forms of sceptic

  • scepticism or archaic, US skepticism, noun

British Dictionary definitions for Sceptic (2 of 2)


archaic, US Skeptic

/ (ˈskɛptɪk) /

  1. a member of one of the ancient Greek schools of philosophy, esp that of Pyrrho, who believed that real knowledge of things is impossible

  1. of or relating to the Sceptics

Derived forms of Sceptic

  • Scepticism or archaic, US Skepticism, noun

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