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/ ˈʃɛdjuːld /


  1. arranged or planned according to a programme, timetable, etc

    a change to the scheduled programmes on TV tonight

    a scheduled meeting

  2. (of an aircraft or a flight) part of a regular service, not specially chartered
  3. (of a building, place of historic interest, etc) entered on a list of places to be preserved See also listed building

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Example Sentences

There were no deaths on scheduled commercial aviation flights in 2014, in a system that operates 68,000 flights a day.

After two nights in detention, he was scheduled to be deported back to Turkey on Monday.

Althea is now re-scheduled with her surgeon for this spring.

The Interview is still scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on Dec. 25… although that may change in the coming days.

But on Monday, when he was scheduled to appear in court, KSM was back in his detention site.

However, at the scheduled time for the march to begin, a severe rainstorm delayed the march.

The book was scheduled to appear early in September; and they had money enough to last them meantime, with careful economy.

"Must be a freight, there are no passengers scheduled to pass here at this time of day," said Garry.

A long walk was the first of the festivities scheduled for the eventful last day.

The appointment was scheduled for oh nine hundred the following morning, and Turnbull showed up promptly.


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