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[skyah-puh-rel-ee or especially for 1, skap-uh-rel-ee, shap-; Italian skyah-pah-rel-lee]
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  1. El·sa [el-sah] /ˈɛl sɑ/, 1890–1973, French fashion designer, born in Italy.
  2. Gio·van·ni Vir·gin·io [jaw-vahn-nee veer-jee-nyaw] /dʒɔˈvɑn ni virˈdʒi nyɔ/, 1835–1910, Italian astronomer.
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  • Say, I was willing to agree with Schiaparelli's name by the end of that march!

    A Martian Odyssey

    Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

  • The lines do exist essentially as figured by Schiaparelli and Lowell.

    Mars and its Mystery

    Edward Sylvester Morse

  • Schiaparelli compared them in sharpness to lines of a steel engraving.

    Mars and its Mystery

    Edward Sylvester Morse

  • In 1882 Schiaparelli at Milan commenced a prolonged study of Mercury.

  • Added to the others, this'll take care of everybody on the Schiaparelli.


    H. Beam Piper

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  1. Elsa (ˈelsa). 1896–1973, Italian couturière, noted esp for the dramatic colours of her designs
  2. Giovanni Virginio (dʒoˈvanni virˈdʒiːnjo). 1835–1910, Italian astronomer, who discovered the asteroid Hesperia (1861) and the so-called canals of Mars (1877)
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