Psychology. of or relating to a personality disorder marked by dissociation, passivity, withdrawal, inability to form warm social relationships, and indifference to praise or criticism.
Informal. of or relating to schizophrenia or to multiple personality.


a schizoid person.

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Origin of schizoid

1920–25; schiz- + -oid

Related formsun·schiz·oid, adjective

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psychol denoting a personality disorder characterized by lack of close relationships with other people and more than usual self-absorption
informal, offensive characterized by or showing conflicting or contradictory attitudes, ideas, etc


a person who has a schizoid personality


Rather than referring to someone as a schizoid it is better to talk about a person with a schizoid personality disorder

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Word Origin and History for schizoid



"resembling schizophrenia," 1925, from German schizoid (1921), from front part of schizophrenia + Greek -oeides "like," from eidos "form, shape" (see -oid).

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Medicine definitions for schizoid




Of, relating to, or having a personality marked by extreme shyness, seclusiveness, and an inability to form close friendships or social relationships.
Schizophrenic. No longer in scientific use.


A schizoid or schizophrenic person.

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