[ shnahy-der ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to prevent (an opponent) from scoring a point in a game or match.


  1. an act of schneidering or the fact of being schneidered.



[ shnahy-der ]


  1. Vre·ni [vren, -ee], born 1964, Swiss Alpine ski racer.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of schneider1

1930–35; < German: tailor
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Example Sentences

Schneider would benefit from at least hearing what teams are offering, just to know what the market is for Wilson in case it does get to the point that he is demanding a trade.

Watson Coleman’s results came Monday, while Jayapal and Schneider received theirs Tuesday.

From Vox

Schneider’s drive is on display in Nestlé’s Concept Studio in the Swiss village of Konolfingen.

From Fortune

Available in the District at Anxo, D’Vines, Emilie’s Market, MacArthur Beverages, Modern Liquors, Odd Provisions, Reveler’s Hour, Schneider’s of Capitol Hill.

The lengths to which Schneider has gone to save Halloween amid a global health crisis might seem extreme.

“This will take a lot of solid negotiating,” says Mark Schneider of the International Crisis Group.

So I wrote that sketch with Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider.

Williams is survived by his wife, Susan Schneider, and his three children.

Schneider and many of his fellow evangelical scholars are convinced that Christianity can survive the loss of Adam and Eve.

Florian Schneider, with whom he co-founded the band in 1970, left in 2008.

The first extended experimental investigation in support of it was made by Barus and Schneider, Z. phys.

We also visited the general offices of the Schneider Company.

Holm, who had been chatting gaily with the magistrate and Advocate Schneider, sat down quietly.

Schneider has represented a transverse section in which the anterior nerves are figured.

Till the inaccuracy of this observation is demonstrated, the balance of evidence appears to me to be opposed to Schneider's view.