or shnor·rer

[ shnawr-er, shnohr- ]

  1. a person who habitually borrows or lives at the expense of others with no intention of repaying; sponger; moocher; beggar.

Origin of schnorrer

First recorded in 1890–95; from Yiddish shnorer “sponger, moocher,” equivalent to shnor(n) “to beg” (compare Middle High German snurren “to hum, buzz, whir”); sense “beg” from beggars' custom of playing a small pipe or whistle (German Schnurrpfeife ) + -er -er1

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How to use schnorrer in a sentence

  • What of Wagner, with his delight in imbecile fables, his popinjay vanity, his soul of a schnorrer?

    A Book of Prefaces | H. L. Mencken
  • "I have as much religion as any schnorrer on the road," replied the beggar, bridling up.

  • And so you run away from the Home and married this schnorrer?

    The Competitive Nephew | Montague Glass
  • Sooner as stay in the old country and be a schnorrer all your life, you come over here, ain't it?

    Abe and Mawruss | Montague Glass
  • "That schnorrer ain't got money enough to stock a pushcart, let alone a restaurant," he jeered.

    The Competitive Nephew | Montague Glass

British Dictionary definitions for schnorrer


/ (ˈʃnɔːrə) /

  1. US slang a person who lives off the charity of others; professional beggar

Origin of schnorrer

Yiddish, from German Schnurrer beggar (who played an instrument), from Middle High German snurren to hum

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