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[ skol-er-lee ]


  1. of, like, or befitting a scholar:

    scholarly habits.

  2. having the qualities of a scholar:

    a scholarly person.

  3. concerned with academic learning and research.


  1. like a scholar.

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Other Words From

  • scholar·li·ness noun
  • pseudo·scholar·ly adjective
  • quasi-scholar·ly adjective
  • super·scholar·ly adjective
  • un·scholar·ly adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of scholarly1

First recorded in 1590–1600; scholar + -ly

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Example Sentences

Her work is dedicated to encouraging the application of scholarly knowledge to important societal problems.

The group also began a crowdsourced “syllabus” covering scholarly and creative writings addressing all things pandemic.

A year ago, my daily reading was largely determined by what curators considered to be important and relevant, catalogue essays and scholarly articles related to upcoming exhibitions.

Her mother completed high school and encouraged Ginsburg to be independent and scholarly.

From Fortune

Calabi and Yau would have had more right than anyone to interject and suggest something else, but as Yau tells it, they were both proud and happy to watch their names spread together through scholarly publications and through popular culture.

In the meantime, much of the book is already available online, and scholarly criticism has already started to trickle in.

Most notably written about by Dr. Gillian Frank in this scholarly retrospective.

For thousands of years, people have had scholarly debates about what constitutes beauty.

The released photos of Kim Jong-un as a scholarly, military-minded youth reinforce this ideology.

Yet, once again, the broader scholarly community has been less enthusiastic about the discovery.

His scholarly and linguistic attainments and his varied travels, fitted him well for the task.

He had scholarly tastes and business ability in pretty equal parts.

Poetry was scarce but many scholarly articles, often historically inclined, were written.

Men of refinement and high culture adopted it rather as an article of scholarly adornment.

This is the best account of the treasures of the buried city that has appeared in English, at once interesting and scholarly.


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