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[ skol-er-ship ]


  1. learning; knowledge acquired by study; the academic attainments of a scholar.
  2. a sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit, need, etc., to pursue their studies.
  3. the position or status of a student who has been granted money or other aid to pursue their studies.
  4. a foundation to provide financial assistance to students.


/ ˈskɒləʃɪp /


  1. academic achievement; erudition; learning
    1. financial aid provided for a scholar because of academic merit
    2. the position of a student who gains this financial aid
    3. ( as modifier )

      a scholarship student

  2. the qualities of a scholar

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Word History and Origins

Origin of scholarship1

First recorded in 1525–35; scholar + -ship

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Synonym Study

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Example Sentences

You get a lot of magic systems that are more intuitive and less about scholarship.

From Vox

Office Depot and H&R Block’s tax advisory division Block Advisors, as examples, help sponsor participants who can not afford the registration fee with scholarships as well as offering discounts to participants for their goods and services.

From Digiday

When he graduates, Gross and his brother intend to start a scholarship fund in Holly’s name, awarding grants to students with sick parents.

I also think about my parents having to pay, if I don’t end up getting a scholarship — and I probably won’t now.

This ultimately led to a football scholarship at Florida A&M University.

From Ozy

This is both an outstanding work of scholarship and a commanding visual document.

And despite the good scholarship the authors have managed to retain the buoyancy and upbeat air attendant on most comics.

In the fall, I received a Rhodes Scholarship—I approached arrogance.

He won a scholarship to Villanova and ended up here in Lawrence.

Time and again, he has highlighted my scholarship and I have never felt that he has short-changed me.

Aguinaldoʼs scholarship is too meagre for an elevated position, and his dignity and self-respect too great for an inferior one.

"Mr. Everard was very much struck with Norman's knowledge and scholarship too," said Flora.

Born in 1797, he pursued a course of study at the Lyceum, to which he had obtained a scholarship.

The eldest, a fine fellow of eighteen, had carried off a scholarship at Aberdeen University.

Before the scholarship, came the Little-go, so called in the language of men, but known to the gods as the Previous Examination.





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