/ (skuːlz) /

pl n
  1. the Schools the medieval Schoolmen collectively

  2. (at Oxford University)

    • the Examination Schools, the University building in which examinations are held

    • informal the Second Public Examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts; finals

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How to use Schools in a sentence

  • All the ordinary subjects in Schools have been taught over and over again millions and millions of times.

    The Salvaging Of Civilisation | H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • These Schools became affiliated Universities, but never equalled the Law University in importance.

  • I want to see the sort of thing happening to Schools that has already happened to many sorts of retail shops.

    The Salvaging Of Civilisation | H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • So much for the attitude of the various Schools of religious thought towards the Bible.

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • He also instituted primary Schools in every commune, and started an cole Normale for the training of teachers.

    Napoleon's Marshals | R. P. Dunn-Pattison