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[ skool-wurk ]


  1. the material studied in or for school, comprising homework and work done in class.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of schoolwork1

First recorded in 1855–60; school 1 + work
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Example Sentences

Teenagers spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes online—and that amount doesn’t include time spent using a device for schoolwork.

That leaves them with about $200 a month for groceries, utilities and a $50 internet bill — a necessity for her daughter’s schoolwork.

From Fortune

A 15-year-old from suburban Detroit, Grace was sent to detention for violating her probation on earlier charges of theft and assault by failing to do her online schoolwork.

I don’t have the stress of getting her online while at work anymore, but I still have to do schoolwork with her when she gets home.

It’s becoming apparent that every student needs this to complete schoolwork now.

In general, students are extremely careful when it comes to schoolwork because we know the consequences.

She made her father sit down in a chair and look at her schoolwork.

But as serious as he was about his schoolwork, Bryant remained an unfailingly fun guy.

The two gals are similar, however, when it comes to balancing acting and schoolwork.

Johnson says she used her pain to dig deeper into her schoolwork and into her dual majors of chemistry and psychology.

Schoolwork was as interesting, class rivalry as absorbing, as of yore.

Japanese students spend more time on schoolwork (the same 2-to-1 ratio), but much less on entertainment.

At first sight there does not seem to be much schoolwork going on.

He himself had made no practical progress in schoolwork—he knew that.





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