/ (German ˈʃrødɜːr) /

  1. Gerhard (ˈɡerhɑt). born 1944, German Social Democrat politician; chancellor of Germany from 1998–2005

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How to use Schröder in a sentence

  • He disliked Schroder because on the few occasions they had met, the man had exuberantly ignored the fact he was Aubrey Gilchrist.

    Gargoyles | Ben Hecht
  • She felt herself blushing childishly as Schroder, squeezing her arm, opened the door with a flourish.

    Gargoyles | Ben Hecht
  • Aubrey Gilchrist when he straightened up was taller than Schroder and Mr. Mackay's shoulders were broader.

    Gargoyles | Ben Hecht
  • Schroder entered, his blond, well shaped head tossing dramatically.

    Gargoyles | Ben Hecht
  • There had been something of this sort a few minutes ago in Paul Schroder when he had tried to take her hand.

    Gargoyles | Ben Hecht