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  1. Charles M(onroe), 1922–2000, U.S. cartoonist: creator of the comic strip “Peanuts.”

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Schulz, 52, served as labor secretary when Hogan took office in 2015, after a term representing Frederick County in the House of Delegates.

In an industry that was actively fleeing diversity, Schulz and his editors dared to reverse course.

While Schulz had been met with general applause, Turner did face some harassment from letter writers — but the reaction was also overwhelmingly positive.

Beginning in the spring of 1968, Glickman started writing letters to prominent newspaper cartoonists, including Schulz, whom she had never met.

The most successful climbers moved their heads roughly four times more than those who flubbed the poles, Schulz said.

It was Littlejohn who drew the iconic image of Snoopy dancing on a piano despite Charles Schulz's protests.

Charles Schulz has this really dark streak that comes out in Peanuts… Lynn Johnston talks about dealing with depression.

Unlike those post-Schulz Peanuts, McGruder has not disappeared.

Mrs. Schulz tried to offer me more sour lemonade in a paper cup.

Charles Schulz died 13 years ago this week; he would have been 91.

His niece kept house for him; she was married to a German from Cologne, Schulz by name, who was a painter on glass.

This is a rather aberrant species of Buarremon, as yet only known from Tucuman, where it was discovered by Schulz.

Herr Schulz met with this species in the province of Tucuman, in the month of December.

Herr Schulz obtained a single male example of this species in Tucuman.

The crypt with its interesting frescoes was ruined and inaccessible when Schulz visited Ravello, but is in tolerable order now.





SchultzSchulz, Charles M.