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Scilly Isles

or Scil·ly Is·lands

[sil-ee ahylz or sil-ee ahy-luh ndz]
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plural noun
  1. a group of about 140 small islands, SW of Land's End, England. 6½ sq. mi. (17 sq. km) Capital: Hugh Town.
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Related formsScil·lo·ni·an [si-loh-nee-uh n] /sɪˈloʊ ni ən/, adjective, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for scilly isles

Scilly Isles

Scilly Islands Scillies (ˈsɪlɪz)

pl n
  1. a group of about 140 small islands (only five inhabited) off the extreme SW coast of England: tourist centre. Capital: Hugh Town. Pop: 2100 (2003 est). Area: 16 sq km (6 sq miles)
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