scimitar oryx

[ sim-i-ter awr-iks ]
/ 藞s瑟m 瑟 t蓹r 藞蓴r 瑟ks /
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noun plural scim路i路tar o路ryx路es, (especially collectively) scim路i路tar o路ryx.
a large antelope, Oryx dammah, once widespread across North Africa, noted especially for its thin, backward-curving, symmetrical horns, which can reach a length of nearly 4 feet (1.2 meters) on both the males and females: hunted nearly to extinction for its horns, it is now believed to exist only in special reserves and was thus classified as extinct in the wild in 2000.
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Also called scim路i路tar-horned o路ryx [sim-i-ter-hawrnd awr-iks], /藞s瑟m 瑟 t蓹r藢h蓴rnd 藞蓴r 瑟ks/, Sa路har路a o路ryx [suh-har-uh-awr-iks, suh-hair-uh, suh-hahr-uh] /s蓹藞h忙r 蓹 藞蓴r 瑟ks, s蓹藞h蓻蓹r 蓹, s蓹藞h蓱r 蓹/ .

Origin of scimitar oryx

First recorded in 1900鈥05. The variant scimitar-horned oryx was first recorded in 1845鈥50
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