or sco·by

[ skoh-bee ]

noun,plural SCO·BIES.
  1. a live culture consisting of multiple species of yeast and bacteria used in the preparation of fermented beverages, most commonly kombucha.

Origin of SCOBY

First recorded in 2005–10; shortening of s(ymbiotic) c(ulture) o(f) b(acteria and) y(east)
  • Also called kom·bu·cha mush·room [kawm-boo-chah muhsh-room, muhsh-room, kuhm-boo-chuh], /kɔmˈbu tʃɑ ˈmʌʃ rum, ˈmʌʃ rʊm, kəmˈbu tʃə/, mother, pellicle .
  • Sometimes SCO·BAY [skoh-bey] /ˈskoʊ beɪ/ .

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