[ skoh-leks ]
/ ˈskoʊ lɛks /

noun, plural sco·le·ces [skoh-lee-seez] /skoʊˈli siz/, scol·i·ces [skol-uh-seez, skoh-luh-] /ˈskɒl əˌsiz, ˈskoʊ lə-/. Zoology.

the anterior, headlike segment of a tapeworm, having suckers, hooks, or the like, for attachment.

Origin of scolex

First recorded in 1850–55, scolex is from the Greek word skṓlēx worm Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for scolex

/ (ˈskəʊlɛks) /

noun plural scoleces (skəʊˈliːsiːz) or scolices (ˈskɒlɪˌsiːz, ˈskəʊ-)

the headlike part of a tapeworm, bearing hooks and suckers by which the animal is attached to the tissues of its host

Word Origin for scolex

C19: from New Latin, from Greek skōlēx worm
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Medicine definitions for scolex

[ skōlĕks′ ]

n. pl. sco•lex•es

The knoblike anterior end of a tapeworm, having suckers or hooklike parts that in the adult stage serve as organs of attachment to the host.
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