[ skoh-ping ]
/ ˈskoʊ pɪŋ /


Slang. the act or practice of eyeing or examining, as in order to evaluate or appreciate.


of or involving an investigation or discussion to determine the effect a proposed policy or project would have on a community or the local environment: The public is invited to the scoping meeting on the proposed new refinery.

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Origin of scoping


[ skohp ]
/ skoʊp /


verb (used with object), scoped, scop·ing.

Slang. to look at, read, or investigate, as in order to evaluate or appreciate.

Verb Phrases

scope out, Slang.
  1. to look at or over; examine; check out: a rock musician scoping out the audience before going on stage.
  2. to master; figure out: By the time we'd scoped out the problem, it was too late.

Origin of scope

1525–35; < Italian scopo < Greek skopós aim, mark to shoot at; akin to skopeîn to look at (see -scope)

1. See range. 2. margin, room, liberty.

Related formsscope·less, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (skəʊp) /


verb (tr)

informal to look at or examine carefully
See also scope out

Word Origin for scope

C16: from Italian scopo goal, from Latin scopus, from Greek skopos target; related to Greek skopein to watch

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