Scots pine

Scotch pine

  1. a coniferous tree, Pinus sylvestris, of Europe and W and N Asia, having blue-green needle-like leaves and brown cones with a small prickle on each scale: a valuable timber tree

  2. the wood of this tree

  • Official name: Scots fir, Scotch fir

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How to use Scots pine in a sentence

  • Hull and decks were of seasoned English oak, and masts of straight Scots pine.

    Sea-Dogs All! | Tom Bevan
  • No tree shows a greater difference than Scots pine in the quality of its timber at different stages of growth.

    Trees. A Woodland Notebook | Herbert Maxwell
  • The bark of the Scots pine is rough, of a reddish-brown colour, and peels off in thick scales.

    Field and Woodland Plants | William S. Furneaux
  • I was surprised to be told that this was the best that could be done in that country with our own Scots pine.

    Trees. A Woodland Notebook | Herbert Maxwell