Scottish Gaelic

[ skot-ish gol-ik or, often, gey-lik ]

  1. the Gaelic of the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland, also spoken as a second language in Nova Scotia. Abbreviations: ScotGael, Scot. Gael.

  • Also Scots Gae·lic [skots-gol-ik or, often, gey-lik]; /ˈskɒts ˈgɒl ɪk or, often, ˈgeɪ lɪk/; not in technical use, Scotch Gaelic [skoch-gol-ik or, often, gey-lik] /ˈskɒtʃ ˈgɒl ɪk or, often, ˈgeɪ lɪk/ .

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How to use Scottish Gaelic in a sentence

  • I have sometimes, in the second part of the book, used stories preserved in the Scottish Gaelic, as will be seen by my references.

    Gods and Fighting Men | Lady I. A. Gregory

British Dictionary definitions for Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic

  1. the Goidelic language of the Celts of Scotland, spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles

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