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[ skree-ming ]


  1. characterized by a shrill cry or piercing sound; uttering or emitting screams.
  2. boldly striking or startling:

    screaming colors; screaming headlines.

  3. causing hilarious laughter; extremely funny:

    a screaming farce.


  1. the act or sound of a person or thing that screams.

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Other Words From

  • screaming·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of screaming1

1350–1400; Middle English (gerund); scream, -ing 2, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

I would chomp on walnuts in our pantry, or anything with a crunch loud enough to drown out the screaming.

As in Kilmer’s case, the technology has possibilities for people who have difficulty speaking or actors needing to rest their vocal cords after long screaming sessions in the studio.

From here, a robotic mechanism will dip each cylinder into a screaming-hot furnace for several hours to cook and clarify.

That means no whining, no screaming, and no one but you to drop crumbs.

Use the built-in microphone and speakers in the R1 Evo to communicate hands-free with riders up to half a mile away—no more screaming to the peloton.

Johnson heard officers around him screaming to their comrade.

When not screaming or yelling hysterically, Samuel is brandishing makeshift weapons and pushing his cousins off a tree house.

As for the video itself, think “Girls Gone Wild” with less nudity and more images of dudes drinking and screaming.

You could hear people screaming … despite the critics who tried to put him down.

This fight was like something we typically see in reality shows, complete with name calling and screaming.

The doctor, a little puzzled, took his leave, but had not gone ten yards when the housekeeper flew screaming after him.

It was two nights after this conversation that I woke out of deep sleep and heard sounds of screaming.

Hardly had we gone two more blocks when the screaming and jabbering monkey fell upon us.

Tess Rillette was screaming and putting herself between Frey and Lasseroe, in an ungraceful try at the old martyr act.

Bud chose the cooking, and went away down the flat, the bluejay screaming insults after him.


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