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Origin of scree

First recorded in 1775–85, scree is from the Old Norse word skritha landslide Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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debris, rubble, fill, scree, leavings, deposit, sediment, brash

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  1. an accumulation of weathered rock fragments at the foot of a cliff or hillside, often forming a sloping heapAlso called: talus

Word Origin for scree

Old English scrīthan to slip; related to Old Norse skrītha to slide, German schreiten to walk
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Word Origin and History for scree

"pile of debris at the base of a cliff," 1781, back-formation from screes (plural) "pebbles, small stones," from Old Norse skriða "landslide," from skriða "to creep, crawl;" of a ship, "to sail, glide," also "to slide" (on snow-shoes), from Proto-Germanic *skrithanan (cf. Old English scriþan "to go, glide," Old Saxon skridan, Dutch schrijden, Old High German scritan, German schreiten "to stride").

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