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screw up


  1. to twist out of shape or distort
  2. to summon up or call upon

    to screw up one's courage

  3. informal.
    also intr to mishandle or make a mess (of)
  4. informal.
    often passive to cause to become very anxious, confused, or nervous

    he is really screwed up about his exams


  1. slang.
    something mishandled or done badly

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Example Sentences

In all honesty she may be handling it better, in terms of not letting it affect her as a person or screw up her life.

In the wake of such a grisly screw up, it is tempting to play the blame game.

Assuming, that is, that creator Alex Gansa & Co. don't screw up next week's finale.

Therein, it seems to me, lies the fundamental screw-up with the roll-out.

But tales from the back office never make the headlines unless there is a screw-up.

Insert a screw in the hole of the stop and adjust it to the desired height by turning the screw up or down.

He was half English and had half a right to a monocle, but Molly wished he wouldn't screw up his eye like that.

When the nitration is completed, screw up the clamps and so occlude the two pieces of pressure tubing.

When the stuffing-box has been filled, place the gland in position and screw up tight.

I am now determined to ask her to marry me on the first occasion I can screw up my courage sufficiently.


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