[ skuhl ]
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  1. an oar mounted on a fulcrum at the stern of a small boat and moved from side to side to propel the boat forward.

  2. either of a pair of oars rowed by one rower.

  1. a boat propelled by an oar or oars.

  2. a light, narrow racing boat for one, two, or sometimes four rowers, each equipped with a pair of oars.

  3. sculls, a race involving such boats.: Compare double sculls, single sculls.

verb (used with object)
  1. to propel or convey by means of a scull or sculls.

verb (used without object)
  1. to propel a boat with a scull or sculls.

Origin of scull

1300–50; Middle English sculle< ?

Other words from scull

  • sculler, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for scull


/ (skʌl) /

  1. a single oar moved from side to side over the stern of a boat to propel it

  2. one of a pair of short-handled oars, both of which are pulled by one oarsman, esp in a racing shell

  1. a racing shell propelled by an oarsman or oarsmen pulling two oars

  2. (plural) a race between racing shells, each propelled by one, two, or four oarsmen pulling two oars

  3. an act, instance, period, or distance of sculling

  1. to propel (a boat) with a scull

Origin of scull

C14: of unknown origin

Derived forms of scull

  • sculler, noun

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