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verb (used with object)
  1. to dress (flax) by beating.
  2. Also scotch. to dress (brick or stone).
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  1. Also called scutch·er. a device for scutching flax fiber.
  2. Also scotch. a small picklike tool with two cutting edges for trimming brick.
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Origin of scutch

1680–90; < Middle French *escoucher (French écoucher) to beat flax < Vulgar Latin *excuticāre, for Latin excutere (ex- ex-1 + -cutere, combining form of quatere to shatter; cf. quash)
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  1. (tr) to separate the fibres from the woody part of (flax) by pounding
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  1. Also called: scutcher the tool used for this
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Word Origin

C18: from obsolete French escoucher, from Vulgar Latin excuticāre (unattested) to beat out, from Latin ex- 1 + quatere to shake


verb (tr)
  1. Northern English dialect to strike with an open hand
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