[ skyoo-tuhm ]
/ ˈskyu təm /
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noun, plural scu·ta [skyoo-tuh] /ˈskyu tə/ for 1, 2.
Zoology. scute (def. 1).
a large, oblong shield used by the heavy legionaries of ancient Rome.
genitive Scu·ti [skoo-tahy]. /ˈsku taɪ/. (initial capital letter)Astronomy. the Shield, a southern constellation north of Sagittarius and east of Aquila, containing a small, very bright star cloud.
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Origin of scutum

First recorded in 1765–75, scutum is from the Latin word scūtum shield
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How to use scutum in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for scutum (1 of 2)

/ (ˈskjuːtəm) /

noun plural -ta (-tə)
the middle of three plates into which the notum of an insect's thorax is divided
another word for scute
a large Roman shield

Word Origin for scutum

Latin: shield

British Dictionary definitions for scutum (2 of 2)

/ (ˈskjuːtəm) /

noun Latin genitive Scuti (ˈskjuːtaɪ)
a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Sagittarius and Aquila and crossed by the Milky WayAlso called: Scutum Sobieskii (sɒˈbjɛskɪ)

Word Origin for Scutum

Latin, literally: the Shield
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