/ (ˈskirɔs) /

  1. a variant spelling of Skyros

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How to use Scyros in a sentence

  • They buried him at night, carrying his body by torchlight to an olive grove on the isle of Scyros, a mile inland on the heights.

    Heroes of To-Day | Mary R. Parkman
  • To prevent his hearing anything about the war, she persuaded him to visit the King of Scyros.

    The Story of the Greeks | H. A. Guerber
  • My great-grandfather went to Scyros the 293 next day, and remained there five years.

    The Teacher | George Herbert Palmer
  • The damsel of Scyros being united to the Hmonian hero, is a well-known story indeed, but not unworthy to be related.

  • Next they enslaved Scyros, the island in the Aegean, containing a Dolopian population, and colonized it themselves.