sea snail


  1. any small spiny-finned fish of the family Liparidae, esp Liparis liparis, of cold seas, having a soft scaleless tadpole-shaped body with the pelvic fins fused into a sucker Also calledsnailfish

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Example Sentences

Most days, I might as well be studying some obscure species of sea snail.

The way to understand memory processing is not through Marcel Proust, as Kandel discovered in the 1960s, but through a sea snail.

At least eighty per cent of the possible oyster crop is destroyed by this sea-snail.

It is sometimes called the sea snail, and is found on the marine grass in harbours, as well as in the open sea.

These shrimps, and the little hermit-crab, and the buccinum (a small black sea-snail) are Nature's house-cleaners.

So he always tucks it away in an empty shell like that of a whelk or a sea-snail, which he drags about with him wherever he goes!


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