sea pink

  1. another name for thrift (def. 2)

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How to use sea pink in a sentence

  • Coming to the rocky places, we find tufts of the flower known as sea pink or Thrift.

    On the Seashore | R. Cadwallader Smith
  • About it grow great tufts of sea-pink, whose flowers, save here and there a belated bloom or two, have long since gone to seed.

    In the West Country | Francis A. Knight
  • The caterpillar feeds on the roots of thrift or sea-pink (Armeria vulgaris), and is full grown about June.

  • The springy tufts of sea-pink which cover the island offer more resistance and a firmer foothold than the sandy earth.

    The Isles of Scilly | Jessie Mothersole