sea urchin

  1. any echinoderm of the class Echinoidea, having a somewhat globular or discoid form, and a shell composed of many calcareous plates covered with projecting spines.

  2. a tall evergreen shrub or small tree, Hakea laurina, of Australia, having narrow leaves and dense, globe-shaped clusters of crimson flowers with long yellow stamens.

Origin of sea urchin

First recorded in 1585–95

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How to use sea urchin in a sentence

  • I had everything from raw hamachi with sea urchin to lamb tongue.

    Fresh Picks | John Mooney | April 12, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • In the indentations, sheltered from the winds, could be traced the little perforations made by the sea-urchin.

    Toilers of the Sea | Victor Hugo
  • The Sea-urchin can walk by moving its spines, tilting its body along from one place to another on the bed of the sea.

    On the Seashore | R. Cadwallader Smith
  • There is a great deal more to know about Five-fingers; and the Sea-urchin still has his secrets which no one can explain.

    On the Seashore | R. Cadwallader Smith
  • Another cousin of the Starfish is the Sea-urchin, a round prickly creature rather like the burr of the sweet-chestnut tree.

    On the Seashore | R. Cadwallader Smith
  • Why was it not possible to prove this fact for the eggs of the sea urchin?

British Dictionary definitions for sea urchin

sea urchin

  1. any echinoderm of the class Echinoidea, such as Echinus esculentus (edible sea urchin), typically having a globular body enclosed in a rigid spiny test and occurring in shallow marine waters

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