[ see-luhnt ]
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  1. a substance used for sealing, as sealing wax or adhesives.

  2. any of various liquids, paints, chemicals, or soft substances that may be applied to a surface or circulated through a system of pipes or the like, drying to form a hard, watertight coating.

  1. Dentistry. any of several transparent synthetic resins applied to the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars in young children and teenagers as a preventive measure against tooth decay in the occlusal pits and fissures.

Origin of sealant

1940–45; seal1 + -ant, probably by analogy with coolant

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/ (ˈsiːlənt) /

  1. any substance, such as wax, used for sealing documents, bottles, etc

  2. any of a number of substances used for stopping leaks, waterproofing wood, etc

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