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[ sur-ching ]


  1. examining carefully or thoroughly:

    a searching inspection.

  2. acutely observant or penetrating:

    a searching glance; a searching mind.

  3. piercing or sharp:

    a searching wind.


/ ˈsɜːtʃɪŋ /


  1. keenly penetrating

    a searching look

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsearchingly, adverb
  • ˈsearchingness, noun
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Other Words From

  • searching·ly adverb
  • searching·ness noun
  • self-searching adjective noun
  • un·searching adjective
  • un·searching·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of searching1

First recorded in 1570–80; search + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

It was possible to find many of the qualities the new site offers on the old site with slightly more sophisticated searching skills.

From Time

Keyword clustering is a good way to better organize your keywords by intent and identify some common searching patterns.

Responsible recreational searching, advocates argue, helps find objects and sites archaeologists don’t have the budget or time to search for.

This latest statistic and the 50% figure from 2019 did not come from the same data provider and included different searching methods.

“The weekend just gone saw a further increase in holiday searching and booking compared with the previous weekend,” Coulthurst said in an emailed statement.

From Fortune

The FBI has also been searching its records for any information that could assist the French investigation, a spokesperson added.

The anti-crime cops began searching the likely path of flight.

He tried this and tried that—he was just searching and searching.

Perhaps, like Hawking searching for his elegant equation, filmmakers will never find the answer.

So as not to die, in lieu of any of these offerings, I decide to go searching for coffee.

As soon as he had seen his mother, he would set off again, and never cease searching till he had found either Ramona or her grave.

"If you please, I want to give you a note," said the child, anxiously searching a small pocket.

I decided after anxious searching of heart to help the French by taking over some portion of their line with the Naval Brigade.

While searching the field Lawrence noticed some white object crawling along like a large reptile.

He leaned against that same stone column, thinking, searching in his mind, feeling acutely.


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