secret history


  1. a version of historical events which differs from the official or commonly accepted record and purports to be the true version Also calledshadow history

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Example Sentences

Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace Nikil Saval (Doubleday) Who knew office culture could be so interesting?

The Secret History of Wonder Woman is, in the end, unsettling.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman is about sex, politics, love, loss, feminism, and a family.

The secret history that connects them is the history of America.

His memoir, Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater, will be published by Penguin Press in August.

This is what the writers of serious books pompously call "the secret history of the whole matter."

This idea may be illustrated by a page from the secret history of David Swan.

Her heart was flooded with love and pity for him, a hundredfold intensified now that she knew his secret history.

Nor does the secret history of the measure offer much ground for consolation.

Mirabeau, in his “Secret History,” indelibly recorded all the vices of ce noble tripot, Berlin.