[ si-dan ]
/ sɪˈdæn /


an enclosed automobile body having two or four doors and seating four or more persons on two full-width seats.

Origin of sedan

First recorded in 1625–35; of obscure origin

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[ si-dan; French suh-dahn ]
/ sɪˈdæn; French səˈdɑ̃ /


a city in NE France, on the Meuse River: defeat and capture of Napoleon III 1870. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (sɪˈdæn) /


US, Canadian and NZ a closed two-door or four-door car with four to six seatsAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): saloon
short for sedan chair

Word Origin for sedan

C17: of uncertain origin; compare Latin sēdēs seat

British Dictionary definitions for sedan (2 of 2)

/ (French sədɑ̃, English sɪˈdæn) /


a town in NE France, on the River Meuse: passed to France in 1642; a Protestant stronghold (16th–17th centuries); scene of a French defeat (1870) during the Franco-Prussian War and of a battle (1940) in World War II, which began the German invasion of France. Pop: 20 548 (1999)
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